Our all inclusive spring bear hunts run from the first week of may till the first week of June. All of our hunts are 5 day 6 night. The guest(s) will arrive Sunday afternoon to begin hunting Monday-Friday and depart Saturday.
Our all inclusive fall bear hunts run from the last week of august till the third week of September. It is much the same as spring, arrive Sunday and hunt Monday- Friday and depart Saturday.


Our very popular all inclusive bear/ bird combo hunts run the last week of September (24th) till the first week of October. This hunt is very limited as it only runs for two weeks out of the calendar year.


Our all inclusive waterfowl hunts run from the second week of October till the end of October. We offer 3 day hunts and well as 4 day hunts. The 3 day hunt works out to 3 morning goose hunts and two afternoon duck/grouse hunts. The four day hunt works out to 4 morning goose hunts and 3 afternoon duck/grouse hunts.


All hunts are all inclusive, this covers all preparation of game including bear skinning and deboning as well as bird cleaning. There is no extra cost for this as it’s included in the pricing. As per Manitoba hunting regulations you must be at least 12 years of age and have proof of completing a hunters safety course
Please contact us for updated pricing info as well as availability


  • We are located a few short miles from the town of Eriksdale, Manitoba roughly 1 hour 20 minutes north or Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • We do offer airport pickup for no additional cost, you will fly into Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International airport.
  • Yes you can bring any meat and hide/skull back with you, all you will need is your hunting permit when crossing the border.
  • We provide the bear hunting licenses and they are included in your hunt cost. The waterfowl licenses will need to be purchased prior to arriving in camp. You can find the link for the waterfowl licenses under the “waterfowl licenses” drop down bar in the menu.
  • We do not provide alcohol but there is a local beer vendor and liquor store very close to camp.
  • We are often asked what the guidelines are for tipping your guide. A basic rule is to figure on 10% of the base cost of the hunt, excluding license fees, tax etc. If you want to tip more than that – please do so! Our guides are some of the best in the industry and dedicated to their professions, and will sincerely appreciate the recognition of a job well done. The cooks are often overlooked, but are working hard to keep you well fed and served. If you feel they have done a good job and you enjoyed their food, please tip the cooks as well.
  • We generally only take 2- 6 hunters per week for our bear hunts and 4-6 hunters per week for our waterfowl hunts.

In addition to your personal gear required for the hunt, you may bring the following into Canada:

  • 200 cigarettes (= 1 carton), or 50 cigars, or 14 ounces of tobacco,
    40 imperial ounces (= 1 bottle) of liquor or wine, or 24 x 355-milliliter (12-ounce) bottles or cans of beer for personal consumption,
    Gifts up to the value of C$60 per gift
  •  Canadian Immigration and Visitor regulations restrict persons with convictions that would be considered criminal charges in Canada to enter Canada. If you have had a DUI (driving under the influence) charge against you, any time in the near or far past, and if it shows up on your records in the US (which can be accessed by our Customs & Immigration officers through co-operative agreements between the US and Canada) then you may be denied entry to Canada. Random checks are common.
    A one-time application can be made at the Canadian border for approximately $200 Cdn., taking up to 4 hours to complete, or a permanent application for visitor entry can be made through the Canadian Embassies in the US for a lesser amount ($35 Cdn.); however, this process can take 6 months or more. Some visitors with such convictions have been successful by pre-arranging their border crossing application and carrying letters from their home police force, clergy, etc. indicating their compliance with the rules over the past few years. We suggest you communicate with a Canadian Immigration office prior to your planned trip if you have such a past charge.
    Call Canada Border Crossing Services for help 1(204) 488-6350 or 1-800-438-7020
  • Yes but ONLY for our fall bear hunts.
  • All of our hunting packages are all inclusive, this includes fully guided hunts, transportation from airport, food, lodging, game preparation, bear tags and applicable taxes.
  • Waterfowl licenses are not included in the price but can be purchased online prior to your trip. Travel to and from camp is also not included.


  • Thermacel
  • Headlamp
  • Leather boots/knee high boots
  • Warm camo clothing for the stand (you can always take a layer off) expect temperatures ranging from 32F-70F during the spring and typically 32F-60F in the fall
  • Weapon of choice, bow, gun or crossbow
  • Ammunition
  • Gloves
  • Knife or multi tool (handy but not needed)
  • Blaze orange hat and vest (FALL BEAR ONLY)
  • Warm hat or toque (Beanie hat)
  • Thermos
  • Cooler(s) at least 100QT (the bigger the better)
  • field camo
  • Knee high boots/leathers for dry fields
  • Shotgun
  • Ammunition (we suggest 1 case of BB’s for geese and 1 case of #2’s for ducks)
  • Coolers for transport of game
  • Camo beanie and gloves for late fall hunts
  • Thermos



Our lodge is not exactly what you’d call “roughing it”. Whether it be after a cool morning waterfowl hunt in the field or a late evening bear hunt, our lodge and staff will welcome you home with a warm cup coffee or an ice cold cocktail. With plenty of comfortable sleeping and living space it’s sure to fulfil all your needs. We have full cell service capabilities, cable television and wifi.
All of our hunting trips include three square meals a day, snacks and basic beverages. Unfortunately alcohol is not included but we have plenty of extra fridge space if you care to bring your own.




A 50% Per Person Deposit is required to secure your hunt dates. We ask that you send a check to:

Sleeve Lake Outfitters
Box 152
Woodlands, Manitoba, Canada
R0C 3H0
Remainder of payment is due prior to departure for hunt. Balance can be paid via cheque or cash.
All deposits are non refundable but can be transferred to another hunter for the same time slot or in rare cases moved till the following year for an additional cost depending on availability.
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