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Myself (Evan Proctor) and my father David Proctor have over 40 years combined experience in the guiding industry and we know what it takes to provide our guests with the most memorable hunts you could ever dream of.
Dave grew up in a small town not far from the very area our guests will be hunting. Dave has always been intrigued with the outdoors and started his guiding career 27 years ago with outfitter, mentor and dear friend Daryl Stanley with Stanley's Goose Camp, I can tell you from first hand experience there's no one better in the industry or that's more respected than Daryl Stanley. Whether it was hunting bears, moose, elk, whitetail, waterfowl, or trapping Dave has always been a true "outdoorsman".

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Dave Proctor

I learned at a very young age how to hunt, trap and fish. My life is hunting and fishing and if im not doing it im thinking about it. I also started my guiding career working for Daryl with both his waterfowl camp and bear outfit and learned the ins and outs of the business at a very ripe age. I've guided all over the province Manitoba for bear, waterfowl and whitetail and also spent many summers and early falls with Plummers Arctic Lodges in the beautiful North West Territories and Nunavut Territory of Canada guiding muskox, monster lake trout and arctic char.

Our professional bear and waterfowl guides are hands down the hardest working fellas we’ve had the pleasure of employing, not only great guides but just down right amazing people. Lastly if you leave camp after a trip with us and you haven’t put on at least a pound or two then there’s no way you’ve been eating, our cooks are proven to be some of the best you’ll find anywhere… I mean if you’re into home cooked meals and homemade deserts that is.

So if you're looking for a modern day hunt with a vintage feel book a hunt with Sleeve Lake Outfitters and I can promise you won't be sorry you did.
- Evan Proctor

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Evan Proctor

Dave & Evan

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